Pre-season interview – Jurgis Kalns

11 March 2022

Pre-season interview – Head coach Jurgis Kalns

Valmiera FC will begin their 2022 Optibet Virsliga campaign on Saturday (12.03) when we will visit Riga FC. Prior to the opening game of the season, we invited our head coach Jurgis Kalns to an interview.

During the interview, we discussed many different topics about football and Valmiera FC. The coach of the team answered questions about pre-season, the plans during the season and introduced to the players that the team managed to sign. We also looked for an answer to the question of why everybody should ‘’look at your football.’’

Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns: ‘’Physically we are ready, also tactically. We will go out there and fight and try to show what we have been trying to create for the last few months and I trust that everything will be alright. The football we play will be fast. Speed is the word that we have worked on for the past four months. Many players have high potential but it’s hard to say what the ceiling is. We will try to open them up as much as possible and hope that they can achieve the next level this season already.

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