A draw at Daugavpils

4 April 2022

In the third round match of Optibet Virsliga Valmiera FC team couldn’t find a way past BFC Daugavpils goalkeeper thus bringing a disappointing 0:0 draw.

In the first half of the match, the guests from Valmiera dominated completely only allowing Daugavpils squad to make it past the center on very few occasions. A sort of desperation had already set in for the home team as they broke the rules left and right earning three yellow cards in a span of three minutes. As time went on our pressure only increased. Camilo Mena appeared to have reached the lead but the goal didn’t count – first, he battled with a defender in front of the goal to then find himself at a sharp angle which allowed the ball to spin into the net. That did not count as the referee pointed to a play with a hand.

In the second half, Daugavpils team looked more lively and even had their fair pair of chances but Valmiera still was the better team. At the peak of the match, the pressure only increased. As time went on it came to substitutions – Tonisevs, Ndoye, and Gueye entered the game giving a big boost to the squad. All three were adamant to find a way to victory. The best chance belonged to Daniels Balodis who came close to scoring with a header, however, the goalkeeper was at the top of his game and kept it out. The dominant performance of Valmiera didn’t end there but unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be – the game ended with a scoreless draw.

Our next game of the tournament will be played on Wednesday when FK Metta will be visiting the Valmiera Olympic center pitch.


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