The Latvian Cup story ends against Auda

15 August 2022

In the 1/4 final game of the Latvian Cup, Valmiera FC lost to the FK Auda team in a penalty shootout with a score of 5:6 as the game had ended in a scoreless tie.

The game at the Jana Dalina Stadium started with careful and somewhat pragmatic football. The control of the ball was in our hands, however, with the rare opportunities, the players of Auda attacked more threateningly. The first dangerous moment for them hit the goal structure. A little chaos ensued, another attack on the guests, where they tried to hit the goal three times in a row, but both the defenders and the goalkeeper Klavs Lauva worked accurately in the penalty area. The first real scoring opportunity for Masaki Murata, however, goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoa played safely in that situation.

In the second half of the game, more careful football started, but there were even more opportunities to score goals – both solo raids performed by several of our players, as well as positional attacks, but no goals were scored. Both Camilo Men and Raimonds Krollis had their chances but always fell just short. At the end of the regular time of the game, the emotions had already grown to the red level and this led to several cards – one of them red, after the opponent’s football player elbowed Alvis Jaunzems on the head. Also, a goalless set, meant extra time would be played.

In extra time, Djibril Gueye had an excellent, excellent chance, he made an inaccurate shot alone against the goalkeeper, and the ball rolled slightly past the goal. The first extra time ended with another red card – that of Roman Jakuba, who, trying to stop the breakthrough alone towards the goal, was forced to hinder the opponent. In the further part of the extra time, Auda noticeably pushed for the penalty kicks to be taken after the game, which happened.

At the beginning of the series of kicks, the players of both teams hit confidently, but without taking too many risks. The first unsuccessful shot in the ranks of Valmiera FC, it was not far from curiosity, because even though Ondoa saved the ball, it flew high in the air and after hitting the ground, almost flew into the goal of Auda. The player from the opposing team had the opportunity to end the match but made a mistake in the next round. The penalty series continued until the first mistake on either side – this time, unfortunately, the nerves were stronger for the opponents, who won 5:6.

Our next game will be played on Sunday (21.08) when at the LNK Sports Park we will play against RFS. Start of the game – 17:30.



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