High scoring affair against Super Nova

28 August 2022

In the match of the 26th round of Optibet Virsliga, at the Janis Dalins Stadium, Valmiera FC defeated SK Super Nova Salaspils with a score of 7:0.

The match started with the Valmiera team’s attempt to strengthen the control of the ball in their favor, which eventually succeeded. The fight for the game’s first goal was already underway – the opponent’s defense was breached for the first time in the 26th minute when Raimonds Krollis scored after a pass from Camilo Mena.

The end of the bag was open and the goal rush could begin – in the 39th minute, after another pass from Mena, Daisuke Yokota scored his own goal. Three minutes later, after Djibril Gueye’s cross, the captain of our team broke into the front of the goal again, and he already tripled the result by scoring his second goal in the game.

After the first half, a convincing 3-0, which allowed the second half to start with confidence and new opportunities. Jurģis Kalns made two substitutions, replacing Masaki Murata and Djibril Gueye. Jorginho and Kristers Penkevics went on the pitch in their place.

In the 60th minute of the game, another Valmiera FC attack, after which celebrations followed again – several short, sharp passes at the penalty area and now 4:0, this time Mena scores a goal.

After that, there are several more substitutions of both teams and in the 64th minute of the game, another goal is scored. Luka Silagadze took care of a very beautiful goal, rushing from the middle to the left side and making a shot right at the penalty area – the ball flies into the far upper corner of the goal.

In the 75th minute of the game, a hat-trick was provided by Raimonds Krollis, but nothing was over after that either, because none other than Jorginho, who entered the field, scored after Krollis’ pass, bringing the final score of the game to 7-0.

We will play our next game on Sunday (04.09), at 14:00, at home, at the Janis Dalins stadium, hosting the players of FK Liepāja

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