Easter victory in home opener

31 March 2024

The first home game this season – it will be one to remember for a lifetime. After the national team break, Riga FC came to the Valmiera Olympic Center stadium, a team might seem threatening, but once again the walls of the Valmiera FC house turned out to be too heavy. The 2024 season started with the third victory in a row – this time beating the giants by 2:1. This victory was made even sweeter by the full stands of the stadium – 930 spectators, some of them also in the bathtub near the stadium fence.

The beginning was not very pleasant, considering that the guests were not prepared to be the most hospitable guests. One, second, and third attack – it is fatal. A cross into our penalty area followed, to which Gauthier Mankenda reacted very quickly, at whose feet the ball had arrived – a quick kick and the home team’s status suddenly was a downer.

After the goal, the team woke up and became much more active, and more aggressive. The Senegalese, Djibril Gueye, and Meissa Diop, took the first violin, both players had a sea of opportunities, but it was not enough. A cross, a shot over, the ball getting tangled in the legs, and after the first half we had to look for ideas on how to beat Rihards Matrevics.

Thought, done! For the second half, Leo Gaucho came out in the mood to show why he can be called a striker. Diop headed the ball to Lukass Vapne, who found Djibril with a master’s pause – his only touch brought the ball to Gausu’s leg, the rest is now a history.

More was needed, the game did not dare to end in a draw, it was settled by Emils Birka, who entered the game as a substitute, but Lukass Vapne’s cross worked once again. Birka, after receiving the corner ball, directed it to the team’s captain – Daniel Balodis, his position was excellent in front of the goal, which allowed him to beat former teammate Matrevics.

After gaining an advantage on the scoresheet, Riga tried to create, to look for options to give their answer, but their efforts were not enough. There was a bit of Carlos Olses’s involvement, but overall little to any dangerous moments. On the way, the opponent was noticed to earn a red card and remain in the minority. Nine minutes of compensation time didn’t sway the scales either, allowing us to win a delicious three points.

We will play our next game on Friday (05.04) when the team travels to Mezaparks – there is expected to be a battle with the FK Auda team. The game starts at 18:00.

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