A draw against Shakhter in the first double-header

18 February 2023

Day thirteen of the Turkey training camp began with the first of the two scheduled games for the day – Valmiera FC faced the Shakhter Karagandy team. In a rather eventful match that showcased character from both sides a friendly result of 1:1 was achieved on the scoreboard.

Entertainment from the first whistle of the game. A rather eventful football was played on the pitch. Plenty of battles with back-and-forths to manage and gain control of the ball. Dangerous moments didn’t quite come for either side up until the 20th minute of the match.

An iffy attack resulted in a corner kick that led to the only situation that could be defined as dangerous. A cross into the penalty area and the ball bounced around to connect with Maksims Tonisevs who unleashed a powerful kick into the net where the goalkeeper was down and incapable of doing anything. Tonisevs’ perfomance continued – while creating an attack he was sent to the ground in an unfriendly manner. The referee elected to pull out a red card and send off the opposing player. The remaining time of the first half was left in the same manner as it started – loads of battles but not a lot of chances. A minimal 1:0 after forty-five.

At the start of the second half, two substitutions were made – a testable player and Olgerds Rascevskis came on the pitch. The actions on the pitch showcased eagerness from Shakhter to get on the scoreboard, they played much more active football that developed chances. For Valmiera, it was all about defensive actions to assure that an equalizer wouldn’t be found.

Eventually, the opponent’s efforts turned into a goal – a position attack, our goalkeeper Roberts Apsitis went out to close down the angle but the ball went over him and into the net. Coach Jurgis Kalns instantly decided to make a substitution removing one of the testable players and sending Danila Patijcuks into the play.

The 68th minute presented another scare – the goalkeeper was seemingly beaten but the defender managed to get in behind and clear the ball off of the line. Everything had turned in favor of the opponents as our touches to the ball were mostly blocks, but control of it was rare and short.

Our starting 11 vs Shakhter Karagandy: Roberts Apsitis, Pape Yare Fall (c), Niks Sliede, Kristers Cudars, Maksims Tonisevs, Jekabs Laguns, Kristers Volkovs, Ingars Pulis, Kristians Kauselis and two testable players.

The players involved in the game from the bench: Olgerds Rascevskis, Danila Patijcuks, and a testable player.

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