A draw that hurts

30 June 2023

Valmiera FC against FK Liepaja – a game that requires no questions. A fight for the third spot in the Optibet Virsliga standings. Tensions, emotions, and a bus parked on the pitch – in the end, that brought a painful draw, 1:1 the final score.

Prior to the match, there were questions – will Camilo Mena finally make his return to the Valmiera FC squad? And the question was quickly answered – he stepped on the pitch for the opening whistle of the match. Alioune Ndoye also started with him, showcasing a significant change in attacking order.

From the first run, Valmiera took the situation and the control of the match in their hands: Ndoye, Mena, and Victor Diagne with early scoring opportunities. Yet the first goal came for Liepaja – Klavs Lauva apparently tripped the opposing player and a penalty kick was awarded. Clear kick and a clear goal, 0:1.

Valmiera kept dominating the game and one by one scoring chances came but a goal wasn’t found. In the first fall in the penalty area for Camilo Mena, a penalty kick was awarded. Columbian elected to take the kick himself and the goalie turned it away.

The second half arrived with aggression, Valmiera still kept dominating while Liepaja offered newbie counters and sat down deep. Not much to do for Klavs Lauva while Luka Sanikidze had plenty of workload to keep the ball out of his goal.

Finally, an equalizer was earned – Alvis Jaunzems made a cross that hit the hand of Aleksejs Grjaznovs – referee pointed to the penalty area and awarded a second yellow card, now Liepaja was down a man. Alioune Ndoye stood on the 11-meter mark and confidently reached the tie.

The game went on and the hosts of Jana Dalina Stadium kept attacking – no luck in the remaining time which meant that the game ended in an unfortunate 1:1.

Our next game will be played on Monday (03.07) when the team will travel to Skonto Stadium to face off against FK Auda.

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