A loss prior to the international break

18 March 2023

Valmiera FC played the season’s second game, the last match before international duty calls. In a competition that the hosts controlled, the opponents took home three points. FK Liepaja won the match 1:0.

The stands of Valmiera Olympic Center stadium were almost full to the rim which brought an intense atmosphere to the game. Fans of both teams had to be patient.

In terms of football, the home side controlled the ball and also spent time in attack. Unfortunately, the only goal came from the visiting side. Nino Noordanus created a superb opportunity but was turned away by Carlos Olsess.

Moments later another chance followed – this time Luiz Paulo Hilario had received a ball and put it past the goalkeeper.  Olses tried to play the ball into the build-up but made a crucial error in the passing action and that quickly turned the tables.

For the second half, Jurgis Kalns had to search for options to score – Jeremy Porsan-Clemente stepped on the pitch right as the second half started. Scoring chances kept following but no goals.

Seemingly an equalizer was reached, the fans cheered and the team celebrated- sadly it was premature. After Ruan Ribeiro had put the ball in the net, the referee signaled that the ball was played with hand – no goal.

Liepaja sat on their counters and that was all they could pull off. A superb game by the opposing goalie allowed nothing. Djibril Gueye also had an incredible chance which was preceded by a strong kick by Renars Varslavans, but in both situations – wide.

Our next game will be played on April 2nd when we will make our first road-trip of the season. The game will be played at Mezaparks where we will visit FK Auda team.

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