A painful draw

13 May 2023

The second home game this season at Jana Dalina Stadium brought a unique experience on and off the pitch. Valmiera FC hosted FK Auda in a match that resulted in a draw – 1:1 was the final score.

Match began active football, the hosts controlled the ball more but you could see a trend of coast-to-coast football. It took some time to register an actual chance on goal. However, the score was opened relatively early – in the 17th minute. Pape Yare Fall controlled the ball edging towards the penalty area and elected for a cross. Niks Dusalijevs was all alone and went up in the air to score a header. The first goal of the season was for the young prospect who made a fashionable celebration on the pitch.

Carlos Olses on the other hand had little to any busyness in his box. Auda didn’t present a threat up until the time when the second half started. The game swayed back and forth for both teams attempting to establish anything. The closer to the end, the more confusing things got. Not so often you could see dangerous challenges and tackles. Yellow cards on both sides, even for coach Jurgis Kalns. Then came the equalizer.

Fraj Kairmani first had a chance to put his team ahead by two, but the goalkeeper stopped the attempt and sent the ball over the net. A quick response came on the other side of the pitch – first Olses made the save, and a corner kick was awarded. A cross and once again Olses made the save but a repeat opportunity came where the opponent rocketed the ball into the goal. The score was suddenly tied but that didn’t stop Valmiera’s efforts.

The team went ahead and tried shooting from different angles, however, no luck. In the second minute of added time and Gustavo Silva entered the penalty area, was tripped and the 11-meter penalty was obvious. Then a shock hit the stadium as the referee did do a movement with his hands, but it wasn’t to award a penalty – it was a clear play-on gesture. As much as the team tried to save things in the remaining time it was too late and the game ended in a tie.

Our next game will be played on Wednesday when the team will travel to Tukums and battle things out with Tukums 2000/Telms. Kick-off is set for 17:00.

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