Alvis Jaunzems – 100 games with Valmiera FC

7 April 2022

Prior to the fourth round match of Optibet Virsliga we congratulated our long-time and core player – Alvis Jaunzems who has at his young age played 100 games for our club already.

Prior to the big happening, we invited Alvis himself to a conversation where he spoke about this and other events of his football life.

”There are many things to celebrate and be happy about. This is definitely one of them – to reach 100 games in one club – that’s something spectacular and on the inside, I’m really happy that I have been able to achieve this with the Valmiera team.

I don’t recall my first day with the Valmiera team but I still have my first game saved on my mind. I made my debut vs Spartaks. I was subbed on in the 2nd half of the game and I believe that I even gave an assist to Lusins. The team in the end lost that match but I was still happy to have played. My playing career to this point has been interesting – I have changed my position on four different occasions. I have earned experience, 100 games are 100 games and that’s so cool. I have grown physically and for that, I have to thank Ivo Lakucs and other coaches. Also, Tamaz Pertia has given a piece in my development, I have become stronger physically and tactically.

When looking back my jump from Staicele to Valmiera wasn’t even that huge. In the first year, I trained with the first league team but played in Staicele. I can say that I already knew everyone here. After the futsal tournament, Uldis Pucitis approached me and offered to transfer to Valmiera completely which I agreed to. I knew literally everyone here so it wasn’t hard for me to settle in and I didn’t have to start from scratch.

I’ve always had an interest in football and it was huge for me, if it wasn’t that way I might not play at the level that I currently am. Also my hometown Staicele – it’s a town that has football inside of it. Every step you take there is something about football there. The game has lived in my family and it just came naturally to me. It’s hard to imagine what else I could do in my life if there wasn’t football. When I was a child I joined a music school, a choir but I didn’t spend much time there. Football always took the upper hand.”

Head coach of Valmiera FC – Jurgis Kalns also sent Alvis his best wishes – ”I would like to wish Alvis to continue helping our team this season, to strengthen his place on the Latvian national team after which he should take the next step to go and play at a higher level. 100 games in Valmiera is a lot. If he has the will to develop further and he has that – then he has to take the next heroic step and just like Spriditis, he has to go into the world and look for happiness. Good luck!.”

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