Back in third place

22 October 2023

After the national team break, the Optibet Virsliga season has resumed, the most important events are still ahead, but in the 33rd round match, Valmeira FC visited Salaspils to play against the local SK Super Nova team. Two goals in the first half were enough to celebrate the victory and return to the 3rd place in the table. The result of the game is 2:0.

Jurgis Kalns took 20 footballers to this game, among them Djibril Gueye, who spent half a year rehabilitating his knee injury. He started the game on the bench but went on the field at the end of the game. Valmiera fans accompanied him on the pitch with ovations.

The game started quite passively, without aggravation for most of the first half. Valmiera FC controlled the course of the game, and worked with the ball, while Super Nova offered work on the counterattack. Their chances were much more dangerous, but Carlos Olses was determined to leave his fortress intact for this game.

The first goal came in the 23rd minute of the game, a foul against Meissa Diop in the penalty area, and the match referee awarded a penalty kick. Fraj Kairmani came to the ball and made a strong shot, making it 1:0. There were A couple more opportunities to double the lead during the half, but to really celebrate, we had to wait until the final minute.

Leo Gaucho’s efforts to score a goal were sunk, but Gustavo performed excellently on the pitch. Several home team players were beaten and it was he who got to the ball in the air. After halftime, Valmiera left the pitch with a two-goal advantage.

For the second half, coach Kalns made two substitutions – Ruan went on the field and was followed by Kristers Cudars. Literally nothing changed in the game, there were opportunities for some, there for others, but control of the ball was still in favor of the guests. The result of the game was also recognized as good for us.

The Senegalese players were more active in this part of the game, Diop made several raids, but something was missing all the time. Djibril Gueye, who came to the pitch, also showed that he still has it in him – a beautiful moment in which only the finish was missing for the team leader to return to football with a goal.

We will play our next game on Sunday (29.10) when we will meet the FK Metta team at the Hanza Secondary School square in Riga.

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