Championship title will settle in final round

2 November 2021

We’ve played the last home game of this season winning FK Metta with 1:0 in front of our supporters. And thanks to the draw between the RFS and the Riga FC teams, we still have good chances to fight for the Champions title.

The latest game for a team led by Tamaz Pertia was not very convincing. Relatively one of the toughest victories this season.

At the beginning of the first half-time more dominant on the pitch were Valmiera’s players. Fortunately, one of several opportunities in attack was also realized, when Rudolfs Zengis crossed ball from the left flank was sent into the net by team captain Raimonds Krollis. Later, the attacks created by home team were less dangerous and guests were over taking the initiative.

In the second half-time, a far more dangerous moments were made up by Metta footballers in front of Rihards Matrevics goal. Only thanks to a dedicated game in defence and Matrevic’s skills did the result remain unchanged. Our best chances came at the very end of the game, in one of them, shortly before the final whistle, Eriks Punculs shot was rejected by Metta’s full back Normunds Uldrikis head while standing on the goal line.

The winners are not to be judged. Three points in our pockets and farewell in front of our fans, everything ended on a positive note. It remains to be seen whether the best season in the history of the club will end in gold or silver colors. Before the final round of games, which will take place this Saturday, our gap from the RFS has shrunk to two points. We have to win Riga FC and looking forward to Daugavpils footballers win or at least not losing at home against the RFS. Both of these games will take place at the same time, their start at 13.30 by Latvian time. Fingers crossed.

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