City of Valmiera

According to the population, Valmiera is the eighth largest city in Latvia, the administrative and economic development, education, culture, and sports center of the Vidzeme region. It is a city with an active economic and social life and rich traditions. Valmiera is characterized by sustainable development.

The city of Valmiera has around 25 thousand inhabitants, and the number continues to grow. The city of Valmiera continues to invest both in housing projects and in the development of residents’ well-being. The quality of life and entertainment opportunities are available and are manifested both within the framework of culture and active recreation. The city, whose history dates back to the Middle Ages, provides its inhabitants with a rich cultural offer. Any guest or resident of the city has the opportunity to visit Valmiera’s theater, museums, cinema, and sports events, as well as other important events and objects important to the city.

Education is one of the basic values. There are more than 50 educational institutions in the city and its area, starting from pre-school education up to lifelong learning opportunities. The most famous of them are Vidzeme University and Valmiera Technical College. Valmiera is a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. A comprehensive education system is the basis of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Valmiera region.

The excellent sports infrastructure promotes active leisure time and professional sports. The variety of sports opportunities and the availability of infrastructure is really impressive – the largest structure in the city is the Valmiera Olympic Center, which manages a multi-functional hall, a hockey hall, a football stadium, Janis Dalina stadium and an athletics arena, a swimming pool, a BMX track. Sporting everyday life is also colored by bright sports events, such as the European BMX Championship, and the President’s Award in athletics. One of the brightest ornaments of the city is football, it has an extensive history as well as a bright future. Our Valmiera FC has both a strong and large academy and the country’s highest-level Optibet football Virsliga team.

At the end of 2016, in the index created by the Latvian Business Union and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, the municipality of Valmiera was recognized as the second most investment-friendly city of republican importance in Latvia. Such an award confirms the purposeful investment of the municipality in improving the business environment and promoting employment, promoting the financial and economic indicators of companies.

Industrial city and district – Valmiera is an industrial city of national importance – the second leading country in the volume of production and export per capita. The manufacturing industry makes up 33.76% in the city and 27.87% in the county. Valmiera county is proud of 64 foreign direct investment companies, which together make up 15% of the country’s total workforce, 20% of the county’s total company turnover, and have attracted foreign investments to the county


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