City of Valmiera

Valmiera is the largest city in the Vidzeme region of Latvia, providing home to a population of just about 25,000. With a history that stretches back 9,000 years to the first settlement, it has developed into a flourishing and lively city that has a lot to offer for those who live there

Aside many schools, also those for music or sports, there is a university of applied sciences, theatre, cinema and museums, if you need a change of pace from the beautiful nature that is easily accessible close by. Year round, the city also comes together for different festivals, fairs and concerts, which invite a diverse crowd from all over the region.

But one of the main priorities has always been sports and an active lifestyle. There are more than 40 sports organizations for more than 30 different sports, which have brought up a number of Olympians and Olympic champions.

Whether it’s nature, culture or sports, whether for families or individuals, Valmiera offers a rich palette of activities and experiences to enjoy during your time here.