Club History

The roots of Valmiera FC go back to 1996, founded as Valmieras FK. While this is not far back, and the club is not as old as some other well-known names, it gave the team a chance to start with a clean slate. Unburdened by historic expectations or traditions that could impact the club’s freedoms, Valmiera FC was free to invent itself and define and pick its identity.

1996 provided a good start for the team in 1. Liga, with a successful play-off challenge securing promotion to the Virsliga. After staying in the top flight for a few years, the club was relegated to 1. Liga in 2003 and focused on building its structure and developing young talent. With a first place finish in 2017 then the club moved up to Virsliga again and has quickly established itself among the top teams of the competition under the guidance of head coach Tamaz Pertia, in contest for the places that allow European qualification.

In 2020, the club renamed itself to the currently used name “Valmiera FC”.  In the same year, the team won bronze medals.  A year later, under the leadership of Tamaza Pertia, the result was surpassed as the team finished in second place in Optibet Virsliga.

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