Draw on road against Tukums

23 October 2022

In the 33rd round match, Valmiera FC played away against Tukums 2000/Telms which resulted in a draw – 2:2.

When the starting whistle sounded in Tukums, it was clear – Valmiera FC will be the favorites on the pitch because the Tukums team’s plans included defense with a couple of counterattacks in the arsenal. At the beginning of the game, there were several good moments for the visitors, three for Alvis Jaunzems, but unfortunately without a result. The opponent responded with a counterattack, in which Maksims Tonisevs saved the situation – the ball almost flew into the goal. Still, the defender from Valmiera swept it from the goal line with his head.

Valmiera’s attacks continued, but the ball did not want to fly into the home team’s goal. The first half also went in a negative direction – initially, it seemed that a penalty kick could spoil it, but no – it was not awarded, while as the situation developed, the goal was allowed from the game. At the very end of the half, Masaki Murata slipped near the penalty area, and the home team intercepted the ball and sent it into the goal to take the lead. 0:1 after the first half.

In the second half, everything is as usual – countless raids on Tukuma’s goal, but not all successful. Shots from different distances, different powers, the opponent’s goalkeeper worked wonders in the goal. The turning point came in the 77th minute when Djibril Gueye outpaced the goalkeeper and equalized on the scoreboard.

Jurgis Kalns responded by making two substitutions, Lukass Vapne and Niks Dusalijevs went on the pitch, whose task was clear, but not simple – to help the team continue the pressure, which could lead to victory.

In the 80th minute, there was another excellent opportunity, which remained unused, after a corner Daniel Balodis hit the ball against the crossbar, and the goalkeeper had no hope there. No matter how hard the team tried, it was not enough to win. The game ended in a draw – 1:1 and the Valmiera FC team could bring home only one point in the tournament table.

Our next game will be played on Sunday (30.10) when we will host the FK RFS team at the Valmiera Olympic Center stadium. Start time – 13:30.




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