End of the pre-season

5 March 2022

To finish off the pre-season process Valmiera FC met with FK Metta team. Both sides played two matches mixing up their first and second squads. In the first match, Valmiera earned a commanding 7:1 victory. In the second one the other side did better therefore handing us a 1:5 loss to end the preparation cycle.

The first half already demonstrated a trend showing that Valmiera would dictate things on the pitch. An easy ball control led to only counter-chances by Metta. In the 26th minute of the match, one of those was unapologetically used by the opponent – a fast counter and a duel against our goalie meant that we would go down by a goal. Less than ten minutes later Niks Dusalijevs was left all alone for the equalizer – although the goalkeeper touched the ball, it still stumbled into the net. A tie after the first forty-five.

For the 2nd half, the strongest possible team stepped on the pitch, and in the remainder of the game, the score was run-up towards the sky. First Luka Silagadze pulled through to make it 2:1, shortly after Daisuke Yokota doubled the lead. In the remaining time Krollis scored twice, Yokota added another one and Zhelizko scored a beauty from a free-kick to end things with a score of 7:1.

Starting 11 vs FK Metta: Vjaceslavs Kudrjavcevs, Olgerts Rascevskis, Roberts Veips, Kristers Neilands, Emils Birka, Kristers Cudars, Testable Player, Niks Dusalijevs, Kristers Lusins, Djibril Gueye, Diop Meissa.

Substitutes: Rihards Matrevics, Maksims Tonisevs, Roman Yakuba, Daniels Balodis, Alvis Jaunzems, Ivan Zhelizko, Masaki Murata, Daisuke Yokota, Luka Silagadze, Camilo Mena, Raimonds Krollis.

In the second match of the day our second team played with a strong Metta squad in which we managed to lose with 5:1.

The result was fairly equal after the first half. First Valmiera FC went down by two when the clock struck the 39th minute. In the 40th our testable player managed to get one back. However the second half was the ultimate turning point where after a 11m penalty opponents charged off to take a convincing victory.

The season opening game will be played on Saturday (March 12th) against Riga FC.

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