Four goals in the first win of the season

3 April 2023

The 3rd round of Optibet Virsliga brought a long-anticipated three points for Valmiera FC. Before the match, everything seemed calm until the opening whistle was blown on the pitch – which led to a confident 4:0 win against FK Auda.

Straight off the bat, Valmiera elected to take charge – Ingars Pulis with the first chance that nearly went in. The push was convincing and caused issues for the opposing defense.

There was an attack here, while Auda only responded with counter opportunities. As the end of the first half approached corner opportunities presented themselves. Nothing was found there, although it made the team feel optimistic.

Finally, the stalemate was broken – a scuffle in front of the net and Djibril Gueye dug out the ball to push it past the goal-line for the lead.  Shortly after Ingars Pulis once again decided to say his word – this time successfully. An excellent demonstration of speed and dribble made a timely goal to double the lead as both teams were set to head into the break.

In the second half, Auda presented themselves as a contender for a goal, however – short-lived. In the 72nd minute of the game, Mayumow Achol made illegal contact with Fraj Kairmani and received his second yellow of the match.

Djibril Gueye responded instantly – a quick sequence of passes in the penalty area and Senegalese put an end to the situation with a goal that sent the ball into the far side of the goal.

Jurgis Kalns reacted to the already-settled game by sending out reinforcements – it was time for  Niks Dusalijevs, Kristers Cudars, and Kristers Volkovs to take center stage. Debutant Volkovs quickly created two scoring chances but those were no-go.

Instead, the game was finished off by Ruan Ribeiro who came off the bench and scored his first goal in his professional career. 4:0 is the final score.

Our next game will be played on Thursday (06.04) when at the Valmiera Olympic Center stadium we will host Tukums 2000/Telms team.

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