Gueye’s hat-trick leads to a victory

23 February 2023

Sunny Turkey brought another gameday for Valmiera FC, this time the team met against FC Adbysh-Ata – the champions of Kyrgyzstan. Four goals in the second half allowed for a celebration with a score of 5:0.

The first half was more or less charged by Valmiera FC. You could enjoy positional, steady attacks while the opposing side was forced to play on the counter-offensive. The scoring chances were rare. The Krygz side couldn’t offer a lot due to their own errors and the steady play of our defense.

Already at the beginning of the game, Djibril Gueye put us in lead. As usual, a corner kick was played. Alvis Jaunzems and Meissa Diop battled for the ball in the penalty area to then move it toward the net where Gueye took care of things and scored the opening goal.

Another spectacular attack followed in the 12th minute. Ivan Zhelizko stole the ball and quickly sent Djibril into the attacking end, a shot followed but it just barely squeaked past the net. Only towards the end of the half opponents gathered control of the ball but no results for them.

The second half was also started with a swift goal. One of our attacks was illegally stopped and a free-kick was awarded. Ivan Zhelizko decided to go for the goal with a long kick, the initial save was made by the goalkeeper. However, the ball ended up right in front of the goal and Gueye was once again in a position to deal with it and get his second of the match.

The third goal arrived just moments later. Another quick effort with sharp and short passes. Ball ended up with Diop who tried to create something dangerous and it succeeded – once again Gueye was in front of the net and completed the hat-trick.

One by one the goals came and the fourth one wasn’t far along either. Zhelizko crossed a corner and for the second game in a row Daniels Balodis was in the air and used his head, the score suddenly became 4:0.

As things progressed both teams made substitutions. Eventually, Valmiera had a brand new set of players involved in the battle. One of the subs – Ingars Pulis finished things off as Alvis Jaunzems passed the ball which edged on his foot and flew over the goalkeeper and into the net.

On the other side of the pitch, there wasn’t much to do for the goalkeepers. Carlos Olses watched plenty of action on the other half of the pitch but once KLavs Lauva entered the game, saves had to be made. The young goalkeeper stood sharp so that the team could celebrate a 5:0 victory.

The starting 11 vs FC Abdysh-Ata: Carlos Olses, Daniels Balodis, Roberts Veips, Maksims Tonisevs, Pape Yare Fall, Ivan Zhelizko, Fraj Kairmani, Alvis Jaunzems, Meissa Diop, Renars Varslavans and Djibril Gueye.

The players involved in the game from the bench: Emils Birka, Ingars Pulis, Niks Dusalijevs, Klavs Lauva, Kristers Cudars, Kristers Volkovs, Victor Diagne, Olgerds Rascevskis, Jekabs Laguns, and two testable players.

Our Turkey tour we will end on Sunday (26.02) when we will play two exhibition games against Denmark’s FC Roskilde and the legendary Dynamo Kyiv.

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