Hard fought victory against Tukums

7 April 2023

A mind-blowing game went down in Valmiera Olympic Center stadium as Valmiera FC hosted FK Tukums 2000/Telms. Emotions, goals, and even a red card – a dream of each and every fan. Valmiera FC earned a well-deserved but rather ugly victory with a score of 4:3 against a team based in Tukums.

Early on two chances on both sides – first Tukums created an outstanding chance but shortly after Ingars Pulis was once again the first to create a motivational opportunity – a kick was the only thing that was missed.

The game was wide open for both teams but the visitors struck first – a long shot from distance came flying into the net that Olsess tried to keep untouched. The 30th minute brought another disappointment – Fraj Kairmani slipped in the penalty area, was run over by the opponent, and the referee elected to award a penalty kick. That opportunity wasn’t missed and the score became 0:2.

Luck was yet to be earned but that also played a role in the game. 39th minute and Renars Varslavans with the ball – he quickly made a cross that landed on the body of an opponent – an own goal was scored and the score was kept close as both teams headed to the dressing rooms.

The second half was ridden with a huge advantage led by Valmiera FC players. Kicks from all angles and at all strengths. The first opportunity in the half was used – Alvis Jaunzems connected with Pulis who then quickly delivered to Djibril Gueye for the second of the game.

A quick goal came back to bite as Tukums went into a counter – an initial save was made by Carlos Olses but then a rebound couldn’t be kept out. The fun carried on as just moments later referee once again pointed to the penalty area. Gueye stepped up to give his team another equalizer.

Attack after attack followed and the stalemate was finally broken for the first time as the hosts took charge. Yet another cross into the penalty area and the ball span into the goal from a body of an opposing player.

The defensive efforts were kept alive when necessary and an ugly but hard-earned win was delivered.

Our next game will be played away – against BFC Daugavpils on April 11th at 17:00.

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