In the dying moments of the match – instead of points, a loss is earned

1 October 2023

Optibet Virsiga Round 31, Tukuma City Stadium, Valmiera FC vs Tukums 2000/Telms. An important game for three points, which turned out to be painful. In the closing minutes of the duel, after a defensive error, the home team took the victory. Game score 2:3.

The introduction to the game suggested there would be so—several threatening attacks by the shepherd in the performance of Valmiera FC. First Andriy Korobenko hit a header from a corner after Fraj Kairmani cross, slightly past the goal. Then Meissa Diop’s run down the left flank, a quick pitch for Emils Birka, a strike blocked. In the next moment, a free-kick which center-back Daniels Balodis doesn’t manage to get, but the strike follows from Maksims Tonisevs – strong but over the goal.

In the aftermath, a ripple performance from both teams, here attacking one, here attacking the other. The home side got their first lead in the game, though – a repeated blow by Bogdans Samoilovs found its way into the Klavs Lauva guarded goal. There were plenty of whistles and offenses but a moment of joy during the match’s first half-time compensation. Gustavo made a cross in the penalty area followed by a successful Leo Gaucho strike – the ball in goal and half-time sealed unscathed, 1:1.

Jurgis Kalns made the switch after the half-time break, sending Kristers Cudars onto the pitch in place of Korobenko. Here again, the wavy performance, and vertical football, situations are saved by one goalkeeper and by another, but in the second part of an infectious game, however, ended up in the hands of the visitors. The bad news? Asleep defense, a quick counter-attack, Emils Birka tried to block the punt, but still, the ball ended up in the netting once again.

Nobody had to wait long for the equalization. The issue of some attacks and this time Diop with a beautiful try, using his heel to send Ruan into the duel with Frenks Orols. Both players got close, but that didn’t stop the Brazilian from taking his chance and making 2:2. After that, the pace of the game fell, the ball at Valmiera’s disposal, but the opponent could cheer.

Four minutes were compensated in the second half, in which the green-clad team cut a carousel. Hardworking attempts to pull out the win so just before the final whistle, that was what happened – the ball was once again behind the Lauva’s back, putting an end to the match and leaving the visitors without points before the long road home.

We will play our next game on Saturday (07.10) when the team will travel to Latgale, where a duel is expected with the always difficult BFC Daugavpils team. Start of the match 13:00.

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