Indescribable loss against Daugavpils

23 July 2023

Virsliga? It’s back – between the Champions League qualifier and the UEFA Conference league duel against SP Tre Penne Valmiera FC, they played a domestic match against BFC Daugavpils. Despite being the better team on the pitch – one goal was enough for the visitors to steal three points.

Jurgis Kalns rotated his line-up allowing  Adel Ghanem, Fraj Kairmani, Kristers Čudars, and Emīls Birka to start the game.

The game had its doors blown wide open. It is watchable, active football from the get-go, and the home team is in charge of creating danger. However, a fire extinguisher was quickly brought out.

In the 10th minute, Ghanem lost his player and suddenly a dangerous situation – Carlos Olses elected to leave his net to try and reach an opponent, but that wasn’t enough. Davis Cucurs received the ball and put it past the goalkeeper.

Valmiera attempted to get back into the game and on the scoreboard keeping an active and fast pace for the remainder of the half, but nothing seemed to be working. Vladislavs Kurakins kept the balls away and ensured his net was untouched.

For the second half, Maksims Tonisevs replaced Cudars and Leo Gaucho entered the game in place of Ghanem. The pace didn’t change, the better team was still the host side, but nothing came easily.

Lots of whistles, lots of challenges, and even a stretcher were brought on the pitch one a situation, where an opposing player wanted to earn valuable minutes for his team.

Valmiera kept and kept attacking, and Daugavpils offered a few scoring chances themselves, but nothing worked and the match remained with a one-goal difference. In the end, Daugavpils left Jana Dalina Stadium with three points.

Our next game will be played on Tuesday when Valmiera FC will travel to San Marino, where the team will play the UEFA Conference League second-round qualifying match against SP Tre Penne. Kick-off is set for 21:45.

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