Jurgis Kalns: ”Football changes, evolves and we have to evolve with it”

28 September 2023

Following an Optibet Virsliga 24-th-round draw against SK Super Nova Salaspils (1:1) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurģis Kalns: “The first half was a failure. I asked if I had to explode during the halftime break and go crazy in the dressing room so that the team gathered and started playing in the second half. If everyone had played with the same dedication in the opening of the match as they did in the second part of the game, then the result would have been different here. A very weak first half, it’s a surprise to me, I can’t get into the players’ heads. All the responsibility must be taken by me, as they say, the team wins, but the coach loses. I guess this is the story. It’s hard to take the blame because we do our best, even more, but that’s life. Football changes, evolves and we have to evolve with it. That’s what we try to do, sometimes you hit, and other times you don’t. I also take responsibility for things that I cannot change, I am responsible for the result, I have to make a game on the pitch, I can be responsible for that, I can be responsible for the result. Today, the result was a draw, as I said, the game on the pitch, in the first half, was under all criticism, and I take responsibility for that.”

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