Jurgis Kalns: ”Now we have to prepare for the next game, the season has just started, and it’s nice to start it with six points”

16 March 2024

Following Tonybet Virsliga’s 2nd-round win against RFS (1:0) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurģis Kalns: “First of all, thank you to the fans of Valmiera. They were noticeable both in this game and in the previous one, thank you to them. We understand that if this continues, there will be even more of them and we are very happy about it. I and the players were very tired after this game, a lot of emotions, I had to correct, talk, and help the players a lot. It is a great pleasure that we managed to keep the three points. In the second half, RFS pressed us, but I don’t want to sound stuck-up or think too highly of ourselves – we expected it to happen. I told the guys in theory that it would be “wise-versa” compared to Metta. We gave away the flanks, which people told me yesterday was crazy and that they would rip us to shreds. We pressed them on the flanks, we pressed them into standard play, a lot of crosses. In principle, the opponent was very predictable and the main task in the first half was to take the ball under control, try to control it, and score a goal. If it was the other way around in the last game, this time there was a different set-up. You have to score goals and be in the lead, in the end, there will be pressure from the RFS side and you will have to defend, in principle, the plan worked again. We were already laughing in the locker room that after 178 games in the Virsliga Meissa scored a goal in an important game – thanks to him, his speed worked. I remember how last year he ran away from Prenga, as if from a standing position, we also told him that, this time he used it. Thank you to the players, they deserve a rest, of course, some have to make their way to the national team. Thank you to the team, now we have to prepare for the next game, the season has just started, and it’s nice to start it with six points.

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