Jurgis Kalns: ”Real joy for what was seen on the pitch”

5 May 2023

Following an Optibet Virsliga 10th-round loss against RFS (1:2) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Jurģis Kalns, head coach of Valmiera FC: “Greetings to everyone on Latvian holidays. I think it was a good game, but not always the best team on the pitch wins. We looked good today, I’m satisfied with the guys. We got together, we worked well, we talked, in principle, there was a different team on the field today, but that’s football, one day you win, another day you don’t. Today, unfortunately, we were the team that lost. I told the guys that with that attitude in every game the next time, we will probably win the game like this. A little bit of luck, that’s football, so he’s interesting. This game was the opposite of the previous game, but there the personnel of the team takes the blame. We have new players, we cannot walk from one tactical drawing to another. We don’t have such a deep squad, if we toss from one tactical formation to another, then there will be problems. In the game with Riga, we conceded after tactical errors, the players could not reorient themselves, football consists of small details. I myself regret that I did that. Maybe it would have been a different game. Today we played against a stronger opponent than before, and it worked. We were not good in the previous match, but I’m glad that we were able to recover and show that we are a respectable team, also playing in this lineup. Compared to the first meeting against RFS, we looked much better today. Of course, there was snow there, so there are still questions about what the game would be like under normal conditions. Then we still had both Djibril Gay and Renars Varslavans. Today I can once again say thank you guys, they did great. The team is upset, we wanted and were able to win, and with such positivity, we have entered the second round and I think that the second round can be much more successful. Real joy for what was seen on the pitch.”

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