Jurgis Kalns: ”The main thing for me is that after November 12th we are where we want to be”

3 October 2022

Following an Optibet Virsliga, 30th round draw against BFC Daugavpils (0:0) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurģis Kalns: “The Daugavpils team was so happy, it seemed that they had won. The second half ultimately failed. Back to the artificial pitch and there were concerns about this game. We were used to the grass. The first game after the national team break, the first game immediately in Daugavpils. The game was supposed to be played at 14:00, but the field wasn’t available. Like everyone else – we offered to play the game at our home, if you travel to all the top teams, then you can also come to Valmiera, but no – we will play here at 18:00. Daugavpils players were motivated today, it was visible on the pitch. After the national team break, and on the artificial surface – seven players were in the national team, who had two training sessions in two weeks, one and a half of them played – imagine in what condition they come from the national team and what we can do with them in three days. After these breaks, we have it as it is. Today is rare proof that it is very hard to get back into the rhythm. Like I said to the guys in the dressing room, what are we being upset about here? The main thing for me is that after November 12th we are where we want to be. There was a gap of seven points, now it is five. If we start winning one game after another now, there will be no problem at all and this game will be forgotten.”


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