Jurgis Kalns: ”The result is something that I want to leave in the past”

15 August 2022

Following a loss at the Latvian Cup 1/4 finals against FK Auda – Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his thoughts about the game.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns: ”I really liked the first thirty minutes, there was an excellent discipline, everything was just how we talked, we started off well. Towards the end of the half, we lost the match thread. We started to make many lazy mistakes, and that is how Auda caught up to us. They created their chances by using our mistakes. There was a moment when Auda got three shots at the net in a short span and that also started from our errors. Auda probably then realized that they can fight for victory. We knew that the game wouldn’t be easy. But the result is something that I want to leave in the past. It is easier to get past this because it was a 1/4 final game instead of a semi-final or a final. What is in the past – stays in the past. We can see that Auda is a good team, that they will show teeth to top teams, that they can steal points from anyone, and in that way, they can help us to achieve our goals.

The positive things were the physical characteristics that we showed, and the data that we saw after the game was very good. Even though we didn’t have the best squad because we had to play without Matrevics, Silagadze, Jokota, and Ndoye – those guys that played gave everything they had. You could see that the team wanted to win, that they want to win the first Latvian Cup title. It was possible to achieve although the draw wasn’t the easiest, we had to play Riga FC and now Auda. This opponent sits on the same level as those that are at the top. If we compare Auda in their previous match in Virsliga vs Liepaja, where they dominated, then here we saw that it truly is a cup game with loads of battles. Nobody wanted to make space. We have to understand that they are a good, strong team and that they will tickle the nerves of others. They can win the cup this year. After the game, it was hard because we also wanted to continue fighting for the cup because we also wanted to win it. We thought that we could give our fans more positive emotions. Now we have to concentrate on one thing and one thing only.”

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