Jurgis Kalns: ”We are happy that we went to Hanza Stadium and won three points”

21 April 2023

Following an Optibet Virsliga, a 7th-round win against FK Metta (1:0) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

“Fantastic atmosphere, we already knew it would be like that yesterday. It made this game more nervous, but the most important thing, as I said, was to win three points. It doesn’t matter, pretty, not pretty, we played as we could. We knew Metta’s strengths, we knew what style of play they are practicing this year. It won’t be easy for anyone on this team. We are happy that we went to Hanza Stadium and won three points. The start was good, but in the second part of the first half, it just failed. We gave the game to Metta, the game maybe was a little affected by the wind. There was a cool little chat with the team during the break. Of course, none other than team captain Daniel Balodis snatched these three points with meat. If you remember, the same thing happened in the game against Auda last year, Daniel scored a goal, and you already know how it all ended. Already at half-time, I was open to the forwards of the team – we play well on our side of the pitch, but as soon as the ball enters the attacking part, it creates very big problems. Of course, there are very big changes, we have lost the two main strikers, Djibril Gueye and Renars Varslavans, and both will not play again this season. These three points are dedicated to both players. Djibril was already here after the surgery, straight to the game, he was in the stands today. The attacking part is in urgent need of improvement. Against stronger opponents, it will be easier with this type of play. With the teams against whom we want to play more with the ball, we will have to get three points with meat in those games.”

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