Jurgis Kalns: ”We earned the three points”

27 June 2022

Following an Optibet Virsliga 19th round victory against Riga FC (2:0) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns: ”Thank you to the guys that could keep up the tempo in such hard conditions. Maybe we wanted to play more with the ball, to attack more but in the second half, we realized that we don’t have to do that. We had to play calm, positional defense and we stopped running up the pitch as much due to it being extremely hot. We earned the three points. After the game, I went into the locker room and it was quiet there – we have gotten used to winning. I had to cheer people up and after that people started to celebrate with songs and dances. Of course, everyone is tired, I’m tired. I was already preparing to change into a different outfit but realized that I had to come to the press conference. I think it was really cool that there were so many spectators, that came following summer solstice celebrations. The atmosphere was great and the game didn’t disappoint.”

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