Jurgis Kalns: ”We had to score goals to stabilize the game”

18 August 2023

Following a defeat (0:1) in the UEFA Conference league 3rd qualifying round against FK Partizani Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his thoughts and comments with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns: “It’s a pity that we didn’t manage to overcome this barrier, you saw for yourself that it was possible. I believe that we had a chance to overcome this round in the sum of two games, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The opponent played a little differently, there were more provocations, lying on the grass, delaying time. The standard Balkan stuff we had already talked about and prepared for. Lots of little things off the pitch, but those were the main changes to the game. We had to press them, we had to score goals to stabilize the game, to force the opponent to play as well. The penalty kick stirred the air and it was only good for them.”

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