Jurgis Kalns: ”We lured them into our traps and I am very glad that it worked”

11 March 2024

Jurgis Kalns, the head coach of the team, gave his comments and thoughts to the media after the victory in the 1st round match of the Tonybet Virsliga against FK “Metta” team (2:0).

Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns: “First of all, congratulations, Valmiera has also started its season, started its season with a victory, that was the most important thing today. It is a great pleasure that we managed to realize everything that we had thought about, what the course of the game will be. I am not talking about all the functions and their execution here, but we knew that “Metta” would start aggressively, and that we would be frozen for the first few minutes. Therefore, there was a plan to act, but our composition was also a little different, it had to be as possible to move the opponent a bit, open areas behind and try to create quick transitions. It was a bit risky, but that’s why Gustavo was also on the bench, we knew that the longer the tie lasted, the more chances the opponent would have, and they would feel that they could take something from this game. The task was for both Porsan-Clemente and Gustavo to come out, take the ball under control, and already start to dominate. We lured them into our traps and I am very glad that it worked. We know that it is difficult to play in the Hanza, we remember our last game here – it was quite difficult and therefore it is a double pleasure that we managed to win. I’m glad that we managed to guess what the course of the game would be, so it all worked out in our favor.”

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