Jurgis Kalns: ”We tried to win this game”

23 July 2023

Following an Optibet Virsliga 23rd-round loss against BFC Daugavpils (0:1) Valmiera FC head coach Jurgis Kalns shared his comments and thoughts with the media.

Valmiera FC head coach Jurģis Kalns: “A classic match between Eurocups, we knew it could happen, we were ready for it. Emotions are what they are, we predicted that we could lose today, so I tried to rotate the lineup. There are no emotions at all, two days ago it was a tough game, with full stands, but today is completely different. Daugavpils was lucky that they hit this epic, between the Eurocup games and won three points, congratulations to them. Speaking of us, after two days of hard work, we fly away tomorrow. There is nothing to go through, we gave all our strength on the field, and we tried to win this game. I think that we were a bit unlucky, if we had played more actively and aggressively, we would have won this game, even in such a difficult situation we were in.”

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