Kevins Cesnieks joins Valmiera FC

6 March 2024

Valmiera FC continues to replenish the team, this time adding local young talent to the squad.

19-year-old midfielder Kevins Cesnieks from Jelgava has become a full-fledged member of Valmiera FC. Kevin comes to our club with the experience of 36 games in the Virsliga tournament, previously representing FK and FS Jelgava teams, so far he has scored one goal. The player has regularly represented Latvian youth national teams, playing in U17, U18 and U19 teams.

Kevins Cesnieks: “I am happy to be in Valmiera, the conditions are the best here, everything necessary to grow and develop as a player is available. I haven’t had time to see the city yet, I’ve passed through the center, I know that there is a cinema here, many different places to eat. Everything is very tidy. There is a fantastic infrastructure here, we have a gym, where you can come at any time, do whatever you need. The approach to players here is much different than I’ve experienced before. I have the opportunity to train individually with physical training coach Ivo Lakucs, I feel that he works with me to be in the best possible shape. Of course, there are more people in the team’s general training sessions, they don’t pay as much attention, so you get a little sloppy without even realizing it. The team itself is open, everyone talks to each other and is friendly. It is very interesting to try together to teach foreign players some words in Latvian, and also in English. As a football player, I believe that I can highlight my stamina, I can run a lot on the pitch, and this is my biggest advantage. I hope that I will continue to grow here, develop as a player, win a place for myself, and get minutes in the Virsliga team.”

Welcome to Valmiera, Kevin!

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