Krollis and Pertia receives recognition after first round

21 May 2021

Valmiera FC forward Raimonds Krollis has been named as the best young player in the first round of the Optibet Virsliga season 2021.

The best young player in each round has been identified and saluted at the Latvian Virsliga Championship since the 2015 season. The candidates are nominated by the Board of Coaches of the Latvian Football Federation (LFF), while the voting is given to the media and clubhead coaches. The most important criterion for receiving this award is the age limit, which means that the player must comply with the age category U-21.

At this time, LFF’s Coaches Board nominated five candidates for the title of first-round best young player: Dāvis Cucurs (BFC Daugavpils), Raimonds Krollis (Valmiera FC), Emīls Birka (FK Metta), Kristers Neilands (FK Ventspils), Frenks Orols (BFC Daugavpils).

Raimonds Krollis received a convincing win in the journalists’ and coaches’ votes. Valmiera FC’s forward earned this honor two of the three-time in the 2020 season. He’s already scored five goals this season.

Also, LFF Coach Board has named Valmiera FC head coach Tamaz Pertia as the Best Coach in the first round of the championship.

Among the five candidates of the Best Player award of the first round have been also named two Valmiera’s players Krollis and Daisuke Yokota. After voting this prize went to Stefan Milosevic (Riga FC).

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