Loss against Super Nova

16 April 2023

The Optibet Virsliga marathon reached the 6th round, where Valmiera FC visited Salaspils and battled it against SK Super Nova Salaspils. Even luck wasn’t on our side in the sea of scoring chances and a 0:1 loss was registered.

Although we controlled things for the most part, Super Nova wouldn’t let it pass easily. Throughout the first half they presented chances of their own, while we couldn’t establish our presence in the penalty area.

Kicks from all angles by a variety of players but nothing – opportunities were either wide or turned away by Rudolfs Soloha. The first chance for the opponent arrived in the 15th minute – Denis Rakels with the shot but in a comfortable position for Klavs Lauva who made the save.

The next chance came and that was dangerous – Lauva took care of the initial shot but decided to walk out for the second ball. The opposing player noticed that and decided to dive in a manner that awarded an 11-meter penalty on our goal.

Denis Rakels stood on the spot and sent the ball into the left side of the net. Klavs took a guess, guessed correctly but couldn’t reach for the save.

For the second half Valmiera came out and had the guns firing. Left, right, up, down, and nothing. Everything was either blocked or heroically saved by former Valmiera goalkeeper Soloha.

The now-or-never moment was reached thirteen minutes before the final whistle – Maksims Tonisevs with a chance that wasn’t successful due to a handball on the opposing side.  An 11-meter penalty was awarded.

Ivan Zhelizko stood up, took the ball, and wasting no time unleashed it towards the left side of the goal – once again Soloha was successful. Super Nova kept defending and countering in the remaining time, doing so perfectly to earn a victory over Valmiera FC.

Our next game will be played on Thursday (20.04) when at the Hanza High School stadium we will play against FK Metta. The start time is set for 19:00.

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