Nerve cuddling victory against Daugavpils

22 May 2023

The 14th round of Optibet Virsliga brought a battle with BFC Daugavpils. Jana Dalina stadiums hosted two teams looking for three points which caused an entertaining clash. The game on the pitch was nervous while the stands were very loud. Ultimately, one goal was enough for Valmiera FC to earn a minimal 1:0 victory.

The head coach of Valmiera FC watched the match from the comfy seats of Dalina Stadium tribunes while Gatis Kalnins assumed the duties as the main bench boss for the game as Jurgis Kalns had a match disqualification.

Football was open from the first minutes, the visitors and hosts fought for the ball. Valmiera FC offered their possessional pressure while BFC was quick for counters and handed early scoring chances.

Our team tried to access the penalty area on multiple occasions but was often stopped early. However, the 35th minute introduced Ruan Ribeiro and his Kung Fu skills. Huan Penaloza sent the ball to the striker whose first attempt missed but then on the second try the ball was sent into the goal and Valmiera could celebrate.

Plenty of scoring chances appeared, Niks Dusalijevs, Ivan Zhelizko, and Kristers Cudars all trying their luck but the opposing goalie Vladislavs Kurakins stood sharp and made saves to preserve the one-goal difference.

At half-time two substitutions were made – Meissa Diop and Adel Ghanem replaced Niks Dusalijevs and Kristers Cudars. The thread of the game had suddenly gone as BFC Daugavpils upped the tempo of the game and now they were the better team on the pitch.

Step-by-step substitutions followed and Ingars Pulis was the player to watch. He had many attempts on goal – in one he even had an opportunity to run solo against the goalkeeper but he couldn’t handle the ball. Daugavpils sent their own attacks and Carlos Olsses made plenty of big saves to earn his team a minimal 1:0 victory. Three points and the team returned to third place in the standings.

Our next game will be played on Saturday (27.05) when the team will travel to Liepaja and meet Tamaz Pertia and his FK Liepaja squad.

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