New chapter of Latvian Cup begins with a victory against Super Nova

16 July 2023

The season-opening chapter of our Latvian Cup began between Champions League matches. Jana Dalina stadium gathered fans – young and old to view the ⅛ final duel where Valmiera FC hosted SK Super Nova Salaspils. The match went as expected with a safe and robust 2:0 victory for the hosts.

A reasonable difference in the line-up between this and the previous matches. Klavs Lauva got his say in the goal. Rifet Kapic debuted in Latvia, while Tiago dressed and entered the game for his maiden first-team match. Roberts Veips also started in defense.

Kick-off instantly showcased that Valmiera will be the team to beat the tempo drums in this duel. Swift attacks and a search for openings in the opposing defense. The first goal wasn’t that long to be waiting for – 14th minute and Alvis Jaunzems with a pass to Ruan Ribeiro who possed a header past Rudolfs Soloha.

Attacking forces continued to do their job – slow and steady up the pitch with plenty of passing action. Another twenty minutes and another goal arrived. This time it was Rifet Kapic who assured empty space for Alioune Ndoye, who span around his axis and sent the ball flying for well deserved 2:0.

For the second half, Jurgis Kalns said his word and made the first substitutions – Leo Gaucho and Maksims Tonisevs entered the game replacing Ndoye and Jaunzems. The latter half didn’t change anything in the dynamics. Valmiera was onto the attack while Super Nova sat awaiting potential counter-attacks.

Klavs Lauva had two occasions, where he had to really get involved when his defenders were caught napping. Both times the young goalkeeper made key saves, to keep the two-goal lead. Much more job on the other side was awarded to Soloha, who made a bunch of result-keeping saves. No goals followed in the remaining minutes and the game ended with the two goals that were seen in the opening half.

Our next game will be played on Wednesday (19.07) when Jana Dalina Stadium will host a historical event – the first-ever home game for Valmiera FC at the Champions League level. Kick-off is set for 18:00.

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