Niks Sliede: ”Flight, training, now we have to prepare for this game”

25 July 2023

On Sunday Valmiera FC traveled to San Marino where they would begin their UEFA Conference League journey in the second qualifying round against SP Tre Penne. The team arrived in San Marino on Monday and had their pre-game practice after which the team’s defender Niks Sliede gave his thoughts about Tuesday’s clash.

Valmiera FC defender Niks Sliede: “Today in training physically it seemed that it was more difficult, different, as it was in Ljubljana. In Slovenia, the conditions seemed to be more favorable, but there is a very important game ahead, which must be won this time. The pitch is interesting, it’s hard to say what makes it different from others, but it’s certainly not bad. Pretty good quality grass to play football on, it’s not some kind of mud field. I have read and seen very little about the opponent. We haven’t managed much because there is very little time between games. Flight, training, now we have to prepare for this game.”


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