No-show on road against FS Jelgava

6 June 2023

The 17th round of Optibet Virsliga brought Valmiera FC to Jelgava, which the team hadn’t visited in a few years. This time a rough outing ended in a red card for Alioune Ndoye and a 0:2 loss against FS Jelgava team – a newcomer in the Optibet Virsliga.

The match started aggressively – no mercy whatsoever. First up Jelgava with a chance that rang the goal post and the ball was then in the hands of Klavs Lauva. Valmiera established the ball control, yet opposing counters meant more and were dangerous.

Another chance where Lauva made a positional mistake and as the hosts looked for open lanes – everyone went to block the balls. Kristers Cudars literally pulled the ball off of the goal line.

The start of the second half seemed more hopeful for Valmiera as Jurgis Kalns made three substitutions, but nothing helped to break into the penalty area and send the ball into the back of the goal.

63rd minute brought Danila Patijcuks goal that sent Valmiera down by a goal, then just 17 minutes later the score was doubled – a ricochet in the penalty area – Klavs Lauva and Roberts Veips missed an opportunity to communicate and an own goal was scored to now give Jelgava a two-goal lead.

As hard as Valmiera tried to come back and get into the game the efforts were cut short. For Alioune Ndoye the game ended in a disaster – he first received a yellow card but during the added time he decided to get off the pitch early. A dangerous challenge and a straight red card from the referee ended the game.

Our next game will be played on Friday (09.04) when at Jana Dalina stadium we will be hosting Riga FC.

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