Once again – a single point in Daugavpils

11 April 2023

The fifth round of Optibet Virsliga brought a road trip to Daugavpils, where Valmiera FC was set to face off against BFC Daugavpils squad. The team that stood tight on their home turf during the previous season. Coincidentally another draw was registered and only a point was earned – the final score 1:1.

As things started, it was apparent that this game wouldn’t be a walk in the park – both teams were eager and wanted to look for early opportunities. A cross into the penalty area – Roberts Veips extended the ball but Ruan Ribeiro couldn’t grab the control of the ball to make it 1:0. Djibril Gueye followed up with an opportunity but that was turned away.

Daugavpils responded with chances of their own – many corners but those were neutralized. As the game went on physical battles appeared and thus yellow cards came flying. The 36th minute brought a situation in which Carlos Olses had to get involved to turn away a potentially dangerous kick – he made a jump to send the ball over the goal.

Towards the end, both sides again tried their offensive luck but nothing major sufficed. For the second half, Jurgis Kalns made a single substitution – Ingars Pūlis stepped in for Ribeiro.

Daugavpils did start better and pushed really hard to get the go-ahead goal. One of the corners caused issues when Olses let the ball slip through his hands, then following a kick, he had to make an important save.

As the game edged towards the most eventful part Valmiera began to lose players – first Renars Varslavans had to be subbed off following an incident that saw his face cut by an opposing player’s boot, then Gueye had to be taken off due to an apparent leg injury.

An error on our side – one of many and the ball was stolen by Edgars Ivanovs, who stepped toward the net and then elected to shoot from a distance. The ball went into the goal and the hosts took the lead.

An attempt to reach an equalizer was taken into consideration and after a hard-fought battle, Ivan Zhelizko took matters into his own hands. Our Ukrainian entered the penalty area swiftly dribbling past everybody in his way, sent the ball to the front of the penalty area and the opposing player made a crucial error – the ball was sent into his own net.

As much as both teams tried to find the go-ahead goal no luck for either side. Massive efforts and even more danger from Daugavpils but a close tie was registered as the final whistle was blown.

Our next game will be played on Sunday (16.04), when team will travel to Salaspils to play against SK Super Nova.

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