Penalty ladden victory against Metta

10 October 2022

In the game of the 31st round of the Optibet Virsliga, Valmiera FC played away in Riga at the Hanza high school football field, in a game that ended in a win (4:1) against the FK Metta team.

This time the Valmiera FC team made the way to the Hanza high school football field, where they had to play an exciting game against the FK Metta team. From the first minutes of the match, the visitors controlled the situation in the attack. Several dangerous moments, but the first goal had to wait.

The result of the match was opened in the 35th minute of the match – Camilo Mena received the ball at the penalty area, and went forward to make an individual raid, but was brought down in the penalty area – the referee indicated that a penalty kick would have to be taken. Ivan Zhelizko came to the penalty spot with the ball – the goalkeeper was convincingly beaten. After the first half, a minimal advantage on the scoreboard.

The second goal came early in the second half and again from the penalty spot. This time, Daisuke Yokota is brought down in the penalty area. Friendly atmosphere for the penalty kicks and this time Djibril Gueye got the opportunity to score – a powerful shot followed, in the bottom corner of the goal, meanwhile the goalkeeper had an unsuccessful guess about the direction of the shot.

After the second goal was scored, Metta’s football players gathered momentum and created one of their rare attacks in the game, unfortunately for Valmiera – this time it was accurate. Bruno Melnis beat our Rihards Matrevics with a quality shot.

We had to recover a little and restore our advantage on the pitch and we succeeded very soon. A quick attack followed by a corner kick – a cross into the penalty area, where Roman Yakuba made a header, followed by a very small correction by Gueye in the air, and the score became 3:1.

The cups of the match were slightly tilted by the decisions of the referee, when Daisuke Yokota received two yellow cards in a short time, which meant that the game was over for him. We were down a man for a while, when the hosts of Hanza looked for their chances again, but nothing came from them. The last word belonged to us again.

The second red card in the game, right at the end of the match, was received by the opponent’s goalkeeper Janis Beks, who left the penalty area and played with his hand. There were no more substitutions available for Metta, which meant a regular player had to take his place. The dangerous standard was fulfilled by Zhelizko, who had already scored a goal at the beginning of the match – a kick followed and our Ukrainian scored his second goal in the game, and also made the final score of the game 4:1.

We will play our next game on Saturday (15.10), when we return to VOC and host the FK Auda team.




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