Penultimate match in Turkey ends in a loss against Roskilde

26 February 2023

On the last day of the Turkish adventure, in warm and sunny weather, we spent the penultimate test game. In an aggressive and unyielding game, Valmiera FC suffered a loss of 0:3 against Denmark‘s FC Roskilde.

In the first half of the match, there was an aggressive and unyielding football. Both teams ripped for every inch of the pitch. The Danish team was more successful in creating moments. The two teams were not in a really dangerous situation, working well on defensive lines. A lot of work was also done by the referees who gave yellow patches to representatives of both teams in microduels.

In one of the attacks against a Rosklide player, the rules were breached, followed by a referee whistling about the possibility of a freekick. The sly play on the ground bypassed the wall, and the fight for the ball began in the penalty area. Unfortunately, it was played by hand in this situation, so the referee awarded a penalty of 11 meters. Klavs Lauva was powerless in this situation.

The first substitution occurred when the team was down a goal. One of the testable players was leaving the pitch, as he appeared to have suffered a minor injury. Instead of him, Jekabs Laguns walked onto the pitch. During the remainder of the half, the ball was controlled by us, but without flareups. After the first halftime, we were down 0:1.

As the second halftime of the game began, Jurgis Kalns made two more substitutions, with Kristers Volkovs and Tiago Barbosa coming to the pitch. This half of the game differed from the fact that the opponent played even more aggressively, which gave them a lot of goalscoring moments. While Roskilde dictated events, our rare attacks did not result in anything.

Already in the halftime introduction, Hazard at Klavs Lauva’s goal, the goalkeeper repeatedly rescued the team from a safe goal loss. In the 80th minute of the game, however, the second goal was allowed a quick attack from the opposing penalty area, swift, short passes, an error of our defender, and the ball went to the netting.

The match was finished by the third goal, followed by a play from the edge of the penalty area, a cross to the far post, where one, unseen, remained an opponent, this time the Lauva was powerless, and the result of the game became even more unfavorable 0:3.

The starting 11 vs FC Roskilde: Klavs Lauva, Pape Yare Fall(c), Kristers Cudars, Niks Sliede, Olgerds Rascevskis, Gustavo Silva, Niks Dusalijevs, Kristians Kauselis, Ingars Pulis and two testable players.

The players involved in the game from the bench: Jekabs Laguns, Tiago Barbosa, Kristers Volkovs, Victor Diagne, and another testable player.

Our final game of the Turkey training camp will be played in a few hours – at 16:00 (Latvian time) when we will play against the Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv team.

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