Pre-season action ends on a high note

5 March 2023

Valmiera FC played the last match in the pre-season preparation cycle on Sunday. Hosting JDFS Alberts footballers at the Valmiera Olympic Center stadium. A well-deserved victory with 6:1 in very wintry conditions. It is significant that for the second time in the pre-season, Djibril Gueye stood out by scoring a hat-trick.

Both halves of the game were very similar – Valmiera football players spent a lot of time attacking, controlling the ball, and looking for keys from the unlock of the opponents’ goal. Already at the beginning of the match, Alvis Jaunzems opened the score of the game with an angled kick from a short distance.

After the scored goal, the opponent also had to open up, because the conceded goal meant that they had to go back and attempt to score one of their own. Around the middle of the half, a positional attack followed by a pass to the front of the goal – Gueye handled the ball and sent it neatly into the opponent’s netting.

At the end of the half, the score was already 4-0, the first goal was scored by Renars Varslavans after a combination connected, and four minutes later the second goal of the match was scored by Gueye. The game cannot be without a darker spot – in the 45th minute, Kristofers Sticenko demonstrated his individual skill by recovering one goal for the JDFS Alberts team.

For the second half, Jurgis Kalns made three substitutions – Klāvs Lauva replaced Carlos Olses in the goal, as well as Jeremie Porsan-Clemente and Pape Jare Fall waited for their chance to go on the pitch.

The next goal had to wait until the 61st minute of the game, the play in the penalty area and Gueye again with the ball, it was enough for Djibril to complete the hat-trick. Six minutes later, Meissa Diop won the ball in front of the goal and made the visitors’ goalkeeper capitulate again.

Pape Jare Fall had the opportunity to put frosting on the cake – while running in the penalty area, the Senegalese Diop was tripped, the referee did not hesitate and pointed to the 11-meter penalty mark. The ball was taken by Fall, who made a pause worthy of a master, but the shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. The score of the game did not change for the rest of the time.

Our starting 11 vs JDFS Alberts: Carlos Olses, Emils Birka, Roberts Veips, Daniels Balodis(c), Alvis Jaunzems, Renars Varslavans, Ivan Zhelizko, Fraj Kairmani, Meissa Diop, Niks Dusalijevs, Djibril Gueye.

Players involved from the bench: Klavs Lauva, Kristers Volkovs, Niks Sliede, Gustavo Silva, Pape Yare Fall, Kristers Cudars, Victor Diagne, Jeremie Porsan-Clemente and Jevhen Opanasenko.

Our next game will be a big one – an opening match of the season against FK RFS at VOC stadium – on March 11th at 13:00.

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