Preparing for the 2021 Optibet Virsliga

13 January 2021

While global football is still impacted by the current situation, preparations are made to hit the ground running when the new season starts. There is some churn in the locker room, with a few players exploring other opportunities, but also a number of new, fresh faces to join the squad. 2021 provides another chance to push hard and lift the team as high up the table as possible. Especially as the format to qualify for the European Cup competitions has changed and a third tier is being introduced as the UEFA Europa Conference League.

But, of course, sports is about meeting and overcoming resistance to reach your goals. We are looking forward to the challenges the season will bring, and we are sure that the players, staff, and fans will relish the chance to show how much they hunger to see the club have the success it deserves.

We will keep you updated on the newest developments and make sure you won’t miss anything.

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