Return to Dalins with three points

8 May 2023

It is always exciting to play in a good atmosphere, especially at our actual home – Janis Dalins Stadium. The 11th round became the first one in the Optibet Virsliga season when we played at our home stadium. In this season’s opener – SK Super Nova Salaspils fell victim to the magic and that gave Valmiera FC a 3:1 win.

The fans were hyped and ready for some football action so the team decided to deliver early – Pape Yare Fall ran down the left flank and at the edge of the pitch managed to send the ball to Ingars Pulis. Ingars received it and unleashed a beast of a kick sending the ball into the goal. Rudolfs Soloha had no hope of stopping that.

17th minute of the game and the home side went up 2:0 – now Emils Birka down the right flank and a cross. A very complicated trajectory as the ball spanned toward the goal at a height that was hard for the goalkeeper to read. Suddenly the stadium was cheering with fans jumping around as beauty was scored by Birka, who played in an unusual position as a right defender.

The game was controlled by the hosts while the visiting side offered counters, but for Carlos Olses it was a fairly safe and boring game until later minutes of the match.

The 74th minute brought a key substitution when Juan Penaloza came on the pitch and just a minute later he gave a set-up pass to Ruan Ribeiro, who sent the ball into a frenzy and into the goal for 3:0.

The game itself took a turn when Roberts Veips received a second yellow card for stopping a potentially dangerous opposing attack. Valmiera was left shorthanded but the following free-kick made the final score of the match 3:1.

Our next game will also be played at Jana Dalina stadium, this time FK Auda will visit on Friday and there sure will be a score to settle. Kick-off is set for 18:00.

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