Matrevics: ”It’ll be nice to go out there in front of our crowd.”

16 March 2022

This weekend at home, in VOC stadium Valmiera FC team is set to host FK Spartaks team. Prior to the game goalie of the home team – Rihards Matrevics was asked to give a comment. He looked back at the 1:2 loss against Riga FC, gave an insight into the special costume he wore in the season-opening game.

Valmiera FC goalie Rihards Matrevics:

‘’I think that the first half was very good for us. We played as equals against Riga FC. To reach a positive outcome we lacked confidence. In some moments we were without the spark in our eyes that he had during pre-season. If we had played with the excitement we had before we would have had a shot at surprising them.

Matrevics stepped on the pitch in a special shirt that had ‘’Stop The War’’ written on it:

‘’For us Latvians the patriotism comes from family. These topics are very familiar to us so I had the honor of wearing the shirt with such a meaningful message. I stepped on the pitch with my head held high together with my that also had custom-made shirts as a tribute to Ukraine. It was really enjoyable to see all of us so united in showing support to those that really need it right now. There were a lot of emotions but once the game started it all went away. Prior to the game was the hardest. After the match people sent me positive messages on social media.’’

As for the game against Spartak Matrevics was blunt:

‘’There are positives that we can carry over from the previous match. We are capable of playing against any opponent. We just have to hold our level and we had to add to those things that we lacked. Tactically and individually we have to take care of our emotions. They were too much. The support at home has always been good as it was last season. It’ll be nice to go out there in front of our crowd. Home walls and the fans will drive us ahead and I’ll really enjoy playing in Valmiera once again after a long time off. I hope that we will be able to put three points in the bag.

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