Silagadze: “Everyone will say that we are not worse than “Riga”

22 April 2021

“Futbolbumbas” journalist Edmunds Novickis interview with Valmiera FC midfielder Luka Silagadze after his team’s 2:0 victory over Jurmalas “Spartaks” in the fifth round match of the Optibet futbola Virslīga.

Luka, tell us about today’s game! How easy was the victory?
Of course, the task was to win, to outplay “Spartaks”. In the previous game against them, we lost 0:1, so we wanted revenge. The weather was very ungrateful. When it is cold and then rapidly becomes hot, it is sometimes difficult to breathe. But we did everything we could to win.

Tamaz always demands to play aggressively, to do press. How much did the weather complicate these tasks?
Yes, running at times was hard. But we did a very good job of preparing in the winter, working physically. We are helped by the fact that we put on pressing in every match. We are a very young team, so we manage to work well in both defense and attack.

You said you were well prepared physically. In other games, did you feel that your opponents were more tired and you were faster?
Yes, really. We press opponents to get them tired. It is not that we stop or slow down after the 70th minute.

You are in Latvia for the second year. Last year you took 3rd place. What can the team achieve this season?
I believe that this year we have a much better team than last year. We’ll fight for places at the top of the table.

Do you watch “Riga” FC play?
I really like the way they play. However, anyone who watches the Latvian Premier League will say that we are no worse than them.

Last year you scored four goals, but this season you generously shared the assists. Did you change the style of the game?
I don’t know, it just comes together. I always try to score a goal, but I am also happy with the assists.

This year, the Japanese Yokota appeared on the team and from the side, it is obvious that you both made a good connection. Was it easier to play with short passes?
Of course, the Japanese are very good. Very good. On defense and with the ball. He owns a quality shot, is good at winning balls back. I wanted to have such a footballer on the team. We understand each other perfectly.

How do you communicate? In what language?

What can you say about the team? We saw several interesting videos made by Janis. You have multi-national players on your team…
We all understand each other well. Everyone will stand for each other because we are like a united family.

My colleagues submitted questions. Tell us, what is your relationship with Eriks Punculs? In the video, we saw that you joke a lot with each other.
He is a positive person who likes to joke. We are friends and we can crack jokes on each other every day.

The same with Krollis?

Another question. Who makes the most delicious shashlik on the team?
Of course, I do! I can cook very tasty.

A much more serious question. What is on young Georgians’ minds when they are going to play in Latvia? However, Georgia has a rich football tradition and it cannot be said that the level in Latvia is much higher than there.
I believe that we’re playing in Latvia now because it is Europe and all eyes are on you. Yes, there is a quality league in Georgia, but in Latvia, I see an opportunity to get better every day.

It is also said that Latvia is not a football country, there are not such large stadiums here and in normal times the attendance is higher in Georgia.
I cannot say that in Latvia people aren’t going to football. Yes, there are not so many good stadiums here, but the most important thing is the football player’s desire to play and it does not depend on the pitches.

You said that Europe is already here. In which country do you dream of continuing your football career?
A dream is a dream. I really like England. I don’t know how real it is. You need to practice more to get into a good club.

Does the fact that the head coach is also Georgian benefit you?
This is not the most important thing. Yes, he helps me and explains a lot. All football players are the same on the football field.

Not a very serious question though. You’re a lot like Gadrani now, easy to confused him. Why did you change your hairstyle?
I do not know. Wanted to be hairless [laughs].

Maybe you made some bets?
No, no. I didn’t match. I just wanted to look alike Gadrani!

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