Skonto return ends in a draw against Auda

4 July 2023

Round 21 of Optibet Virsliga brought the third meeting of the season between Auda and Valmiera FC. This time around another draw was recorded – this time at Skonto stadium things ended with a scoreless tie – 0:0.

The match started with a significant on-pitch advantage for Auda. They controlled the game and the ball. Valmiera gathered their own strengths with counter-attacks. Auda shot from a distance and didn’t do much against Klavs Lauva who started out sharp. The 16th minute brought the first real scoring chance for Valmiera, Meissa Diop entered the penalty area and went to battle Fabrice Ondoa – the goalkeeper was on the better end of the opportunity.

As the half progressed, aggression raised, but that didn’t change a lot – the hosts of today’s game kept attacking and gaining momentum. Camilo Mena was the first to gather cheers from the stands – he made a few beautiful dribbles next to team benches, almost undressing an opposing player. A short medical break turned things around – suddenly Valmiera was in charge of things and created dangerous attacks. That was short-lived.

Jurgis Kalns realized that things aren’t working the way they should be and he elected to remove Victor Diagne from the pitch as he was replaced by Fraj Kairmani. The game once again leveled out and the whistle amount increased – Auda did everything to stop all and any attacks with fouls. No goals in the first half. Teams returned to the pitch without any changes for the second half.

Paced start for the things to come – open football and suddenly attack quality had improved. First up Maksims Tonisevs with a chance that was turned away by Ondoa. The opponent responded with attempts from corners but all were turned away by our defense. Then suddenly scales shifted and we took over the game and began creating attack after attack. Every action lacked finishing but the pace was good. The game kept shifting back and forth the whole time.

As the game approached the end the opponent couldn’t get past the center of the pitch and we had to lock in on offense. Ndoye missed a clear opportunity with his head, Ruan Ribeiro wasted one as well. As things went on and on, nothing changed other than the lack of high-danger attempts. Neither side could find a goal and the game ended in a goalless tie – 0:0.

Our next game will be played on Friday (07.07) when at Jana Dalina stadium we will host FK Tukums 2000/Telms.


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