Snowy draw against RFS

11 March 2023

The long-awaited Optibet Virsliga season finally got underway. ”Valmiera FC” hosted the ”FK RFS” team in a rather snowful environment which allowed quite a lot of funny moments. The game itself resulted in a 0:0 draw.

The pitch was green prior to the start of the match but as things progressed a snowstorm quickly turned the surroundings white. Towards the end of the first half the white balls had to be switched out for those that were used last year – yellow ones.

There was a lot of shoveling happening on the pitch. Much more than football itself, given the circumstances. The first half of the game was relatively quiet. No real chances on either side as teams battled each other in the middle part of the pitch.

The first real scoring chance belonged to Djibril Gueye – his fellow Senegalese Meissa Diop added a cross to the action, however, the ball wasn’t ready to head into the net – instead, it went just wide of the left post.

”RFS” efforts were really noticeable and they adapted better to the conditions, thus creating better chances. That was when the real hero of the game showed himself in his Valmiera FC and Virsliga debut – Carloss Olsess made plenty of key saves to keep the score tied.

Towards the end, as fans demanded a goal – Valmiera tried to set it up, but the efforts were too short and neither side ended up scoring a goal. The entertainment part of the game? The slippery pitch accounted for enjoyable tackles and rather hilarious falls.

Our next game will be played exactly a week from now – March 18th when we will host ”FK Liepaja” and our former coach Tamaz Pertia.

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