Tamaz Pertia extends his contract until the end of 2023

13 March 2021

Just before the new season, we come up with great news. The team’s head coach Tamaz Pertia will continue to lead Valmiera FC for the next three years. Georgian manager has been with the team since 2019, finishing his first season with the Valmiera’s historically highest, 4th place in Latvian championships. A year later, the record was updated by taking the team to 3 rd place in Optibet futbola Virslīga.

“I am very grateful to Valmiera FC for these two years, together we have made huge steps forward. When the president offered a new three-year contract, I don’t even think longer than five minutes. I am pleased to continue to work with Valmiera FC,” said Tamazs Pertia after signing the new contract.

An opening of the season for Valmiera FC is on March 14 on away game with the last season’s second-place winner RFS.

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