Tamaz Pertia: “We will be fighting for a Champions title”

28 May 2021

Valmiera FC head coach Tamaz Pertia gave a comment during the break in the Optibet futbola Virsliga due to the games of National teams:

“We’ve played 12 rounds, we can say, we’ve learned the opponents, we’ve even met twice some of them. We’ve collected more points as we hoped before. It is very good that we are currently in the TOP3 and that we keep up with our competitors in a point race. It’s safe to say we will be fighting for a Champions title. The quality of our game and obtained points tell about it. We will definitely reinforce our squad. There’s a break right now, we’ve gone to two workouts a day. We’re in training camp. Practically, the whole team lives in a hotel. The training process will become even more intensive. These three weeks is the time during which we have to prepare for the Euro cups and the remainder of the games at the Latvian championship, as well as the Latvian Cup games. It is safe to say that today we are taking a step forward and moving to the next level. Of course, there were a couple of games in which we dropped the speed a little, but obviously, the guys are young, and playing every game at one pace is impossible. A large proportion of players have carried out more loads than others. 90% of games are played with the same composition. That is why we must definitely strengthen. We are already looking forward to new players – there will be those who come to the tests, and who are already expected on the team. We hope for a positive outcome very.

Three of our players have been called to the Latvian national team, and [five] players have also been called to U21. Very much hope these players will be given game practices. I’m sure they’ll come back in good mood, in good shape, that they won’t miss anything and will fit into the team in their optimal form.

I wish the NT good luck, to succeed at the Baltic Cup. The game with Germany is particularly important, with which we last played, if I believe, in the final tournament of the 2004 European Championship. A successful game with the Germans would be an excellent advertisement for the team itself, and for all Latvian football.”

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